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Benjamin Silver - Muscle System Specialist

Benjamin Silver founded Boston Biomechanics to help people improve muscle function and bridge the gap from rehabilitation to sustainable exercise.


Ben’s focus is on improving muscle health and function, promoting orthopedic integrity, and body re-composition changes due to exercise. He has extensively studied (and continues to study) biomechanics, anatomy, and neuroscience extensively as they relate to human movement and exercise.  He works with a diverse group of clients ranging from the retired

to collegiate and competitive athletes, runners, physique competitors, equestrians, dancers and people who have lost their exercise options due to nagging injuries or pain.

Ben has the distinction of being a MAT RX and Muscle Activation Techniques  Master Level Specialist. He is currently studying neurobiology at Harvard's Extension School and is preparing to test for the Resistance Training Specialist program mastery exam.



  • Resistance Training Specialist

  • Muscle Activation Techniques Master Level Specialist

  • MAT Rx Foot & Hand Specialist

  • MAT Rx Total Body Specialist

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - CPT

Continuing Education:

  • MAT Rx Internship III

  • RTS – All Mastery modules complete

  • Force and the Nervous System – Principles of Human Motion/Mindful Motion

  • Cadaver Anatomy & Biomechanics

  • Anatomy & Architecture - Exploring the Function of Fascia

  • Cadaver Anatomy dissection with Dr. Joe Musculino

  • Exercise Equipment Analysis IHRSA – presenter Tom Purvis

“If your methods aren’t sustainable your results won’t be either”

- Tom Purvis Founder RTS

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