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About Us

At Boston Biomechanics every exercise is customized to fit you. We specialize in working with active individuals who want to improve and maintain the highest level of activity and muscle function throughout life. We work with the orthopedically compromised and those who have complex muscle tension issues that may be related to pain or repetitive  injury. We pride ourselves on our ability to design exercises around each clients unique anatomical architecture, current or previous injuries and goals. At Boston Biomechanics nothing is ever cookie cutter.


Whether it’s climbing a mountain, running a marathon, participating in yoga, or competing in physique or Crossfit—continued success in ALL of these depends on a muscle's ability to contract efficiently and tolerate the forces required for these endeavors. At Boston Biomechanics, we assess and improve the muscular system's ability to tolerate force (i.e. exercise) through the use of Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques and strategic resistance training. This will enable you to maximize your potential for strength, performance and body composition changes while slowing down or reversing the degenerative changes associated with aging.


Above all, we are committed to improving the health, and function of your

muscular system. 


For more information, please contact us for a FREE consultation

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