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I have been working with  Ben for the past three years and his MAT expertise and skill have had a huge impact on my running and overall fitness capacities. I have been impressed by his depth of anatomy knowledge and his ability to apply this to keep my running injury free.  I run several times a week and had experienced a number of injuries - stress fracture, IT Band, sprained ankle that continued to nag and were not able to be addressed by other therapies. I also enjoy weight lifting and yoga and MAT is key in helping me to continue to do so.


In my two years training with Ben, I have developed a greater awareness of how my body works, and have improved my strength, balance, and coordination throughout my full range of movement.  As a competitive ballroom dancer, this is invaluable to me.  Ben is now an important part of my “team.”


Ben seeks continuously to improve his knowledge and expertise. He takes a scientific approach to exercise. I noted him reading the same anatomy and neurophysiology textbooks I studied during medical school. He is enthusiastic and practices what he preaches. I recommend Ben Silver as a personal trainer and MAT specialist.


When I started working with Ben, I had long-term nagging shoulder and upper-back problems that were interfering with my life. After 8 sessions of MAT and targeted isometric exercise, which Ben taught me, my shoulder problem is a thing of the past. I highly recommed this process to anyone looking for a thoughtful, intelligent approach to exercise and muscle activation that is customized to what your body needs.


Ben is extremely talented and professional. As a personal trainer, I am always learning from my clients, and find it a breath of fresh air that Ben is so open to new ideas and being a "life-long learner" in his very specialized work. With only a few sessions of working with Ben, not only has my strength drastically improved (i.e.: PR on both my deadlift and squat, much more than I could have ever hoped for in such a short period of time) but my TMJ that has caused me pain and cost me hundreds of dollars in tooth repair has been completely resolved! The definition in my back has improved dramatically, while simultaneously my pain in that same area has diminished. I cannot say enough wonderful things about working with Ben. I look forward to surpassing my goals working with him.


Ben is an excellent resource for individuals who need an exercise plan personalized to their unique needs. I worked with Ben several times a week for months following a long bout with sciatica followed by physical therapy. I started barely able to use the leg/lower back affected by sciatica. Ben's collaborative goal setting, out-of-the-box thinking, and motivational coaching resulting in getting me back to an active life again something I hadn't thought possible. I recommend Ben without reservation to anyone not looking for a cookie-cutter approach to personal training.


I met Ben at my gym in Brookline, MA several years ago and was immediately impressed, not only by his vast knowledge of training modalities, but by his personal interest in each and every person that come through the door to workout. An avid runner myself, I began working with Ben in January of 2014, drawn to his enthusiastic approach to his clients as much as the practice of MAT. I had worked with various practitioners over the years (chiropractic, physical therapy, ART, etc.) to treat conditions ranging from plantar fasciitis to hamstring pulls to Achilles tendonitis. I recently turned 40 and was interested in returning to competitive running.


Ben left no stone unturned in his initial evaluation of my athletic history and goals. By working from the "inside out," the MAT treatments have awoken new muscles that have been dormant for years. I've been able to increase my running volume from 20 to 70 miles per week in less than four months. Yet the biggest difference has been the enjoyment I've felt from long runs! I feel 20 years younger! I am now confident of not only completing 5 and 10K's, but half-marathons and marathons. Thanks Ben for putting the "spring back in my step" and a smile on my face.


For a year now Ben has been assessing my muscle and joint mobility with Muscle Activation Techniques, assessing and motivating markedly improved function and range of motion, particularly in my lower extremities, neck and, shoulder. Ben's knowledge of anatomy and neuromuscular function is impressive! His assessment skills and his skills as a practitioner are top flight. This technique for the identification of reduced muscle function as it affects joint performance and function is a great adjunct in the care of an active individual who wishes to reach peak performance.


Ken Leavitt, DPM
Reconstructive Foot Surgeon
Fellow, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
Chief of Podiatric Medicine and Foot Surgery
New England Baptist Hospital, Boston 

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